Productivity systems and tools


I wanted to write this post yesterday but I had the most unproductive morning since I started this challenge. I was not able to find a proper image for this so in the end I created my own. I don’t really like it and I think I have an idea for the next day challenge.

The first system I will use will help me organizing the content for my future site. First I need a way to prepare the content and google docs is the best candidate. I’m already using it, it is free and available everywhere I have an internet connection. Additional resources like images will be uploaded in google drive, next to the document with the work in progress content. In this way everything will be in one place and easy to find. I also need to keep track of my progress and I will use trello for this purpose. It’s really intuitive, visual and I’m familiar with it. Besides being available online and usable within a browser, these tools have also native mobile applications, at least on android, and I can use them from that platform also.

I think it is enough for the beginning, tools should be simple and helpful and not staying in the way.

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